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We always need new foster homes!  If you have space and can take care of horses, goats, llamas, alpacas, pigs, sheep, cattle, or any other hooved farm animal, please consider becoming a HAROTC foster home.

HAROTC will pay all hard costs for foster animals; including feed, veterinary, farrier and other expenses.  All we need from you is your time, your space, and your TLC.

Before completing the foster home application, please note the following basic criteria:

  • Someone must live on the property where the animal(s) will be kept

  • There must be adequate shelter and safe fencing in good repair

  • The property must have adequate space for the type(s) of animals you will be fostering

  • The property must be inspected by a representative of HAROTC before placement.  Periodic visits by HAROTC may be made as needed during the fostering period.  Animals can be moved at the discretion of the HAROTC Board.

Apply Online

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