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Type: Horse Breed: Saddlebred Age: Early 20s Gender: Male (Neutered) Status: Adopted

Spirit is a big boy at about 16 hands, and out of that rises his tall Saddlebred neck!

His riding days are probably over because of his sway back, but he is a happy and friendly horse who would love to find a home as a handsome and grateful pasture pet.

He has recovered well from being very thin at impound in August of 2013. His general health and soundness is good. He’s good for foot handling and is easy to keep in a stall or turned out.

He’s up to date on vaccinations and his teeth have been floated.

He does crib very occasionally when bored or stressed but it has not been a problem in his foster home.

Spirit has a lot of personality and presence still. He is a magnificent old gent and we hope he can find a nice retirement home to live out the rest of his days.

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