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Gem – She is a 20-25 year old (??) palomino, quarter-type mare (about 15.0 hands). She is very easy to catch, ties, bathes, loads and hauls nicely, enjoys being groomed, good with clippers, and farrier. We know she has been ridden by her previous owner but she has not been handled much in recent years. She is a smart, responsive, and attractive mare.

Gem stood quietly for several saddle changes to get a proper fit, she was good with bridling (a snaffle was used as well as a western shank bit). She went well in both. She was very quiet mounting. She has smooth gaits and a naturally forward walk. Gem has a lovely trot and a large forward walk that would be a trail rider's dream. She can be herd bound at times. She would be best with a clear and calm rider and would likely enjoy following another horse down the trail.

The evaluation was conducted by Chesna Klimek, a local trainer.

She is up to date on vaccinations, dental, worming, and farrier.

Adoption Fee: $650.00


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