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Buddy – He is a 15 h bay/buckskin quarter horse grade gelding approximately 15 years old. Buddy is a sweetheart of a horse. He’s great with his foster home in all aspects of handling. He has had several ground sessions from Bruce Hall (Sensible Horsemanship) and learns quickly.

Since his impound, stiffness was observed in bending and some instability was noted in the hind end. The vet recommended neck x-rays and they show arthritis in lower cervical area. He is currently on Equiox for the arthritis. He has also been receiving massages as well and loves the hands on. Since his riding history is unknown to us and we are not sure about the stability in the hind end going forward, our vet will not recommend he be adopted as a riding horse at this time. We feel at this time is best placed as a pasture pet. He is herd bound.

He is current on vaccinations, dental, worming, and farrier.

Adoption Fee: $500.00


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