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Nickname: Bucky Age: Aprox 10 years by estimation

Color: Dapple grey, black mane and tail Sex: Gelding as of 4/13/2018 Medical issues at time of impound: body condition score was about a 1.5. Lice - filthy manure encrusted hair coat Upward fixation of his right stifle and could not bend the leg. We were told he had been that way since he was a baby. His hooves were some of the longest of the entire bunch, estimated to have been about 4 years of growth without a trim He was found in a very small, filthy stall with no room to exercise and move around. The veterinarian was able to manipulate the knee cap back into position but it didn't stay. However, within the first week of being allowed to self exercise, the patella had moved back into the proper position, only to slip out occasionally. The severe lack of muscling, ligament and tendon strength exacerbated the condition. Bucky has an underbite, not uncommon in miniature horses , however the condition is manageable if addressed on a regular basis. In this case, the lack of dental care allowed his lower incisors, which do not match up with his upper incisors, to grow at least an inch longer than they should have. Behavior: At impound Bucky was very reactive, wild and apprehensive of people, not allowing us to easily catch him.

He was adopted out once and then came back to us because he was "too playful" with his companion horse. He is currently at a foster home and in a pasture with two ponies and doing well.

Bucky will need his teeth checked at a minimum once a year.

He needs his feet trimmed about every 6 weeks. He is not lame and no evidence of chronic laminitis.

He stands tied for grooming, jumps in the horse trailer, leads quite well, is non reactive around dogs.

Bucky needs to have a permanent home with the companion of other geldings and humans that want to continue his training. An ideal setting for him would be a home that either has hills for him to keep his hind quarter/stifles in condition or an owner that will make an effort to exercise him on a regular basis.

Adoption fee $250

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