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Dino & Frank

From the foster home:

"Dino and Frank are neutered male alpacas. They are sharing there pasture with 2 mini mares and are perfect gentlemen around them. The girls are always allowed to be first. They are very gentle but are not used to being touched so they will shy away if you try to touch them. They will however eat grain out of a bucket you are holding or hay you are holding in your hand. They were kept in the corral and fed for a few days and then allowed to go out into the bigger pasture for the day. When they first came here

they were a little confused about coming back into the corral for the evening, but by the second day they had it down. If they are not by the gate when I am ready to bring them in all I have to do is call and they come running. They are locked into a shelter while they eat and are ok with me be in the shed when they come in and unless I approach them they will just stand there and eat. They are really sweet guys and would adapt easily to a new environment."

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