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Charges filed!

Charges were filed the end of September against Hilary A. Berndt and Bethany E. Berndt. They are due in court October 10, 8:30am for their arraignment.

In March a horse, miniature horses, goats, dogs, kittens, cockatiels, budgies, rabbits, and poultry (chickens, roosters, turkeys, ducks, etc) were found living in some of the worst conditions our volunteers have ever seen. Hooved Animal Rescue along with MisPit's Rescue, and other community members were able to rescue more than 200 animals and many have found their forever homes.

We still have 5 miniature horses that looking for just the right home. We will be posting their information and pictures soon.

Pictured here is Bucky. He was a stallion that was kept locked in a stall, his feet horribly overgrown, his rear stifle severely locking up. We weren't sure what his quality of life would be with his leg issues but with a lot of hard work from his Foster Mom and just the right adoptive home he is doing great. He is now running in the field with his pasture mate. The bottom picture is just days after the seizure The other two pictures are about six weeks later.

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